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phone broke

phone dropped. not charging properly now. i pay monthly maintenance fee & would normally take phone to koodo outlet. with covid, what can i do to get a replacement. have samsung A8. not sure if worth it to get another samsung A8 (because it is not a newer phone) or best to upgrade. 

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You could upgrade the phone in your selfserve so you don’t have to visit a Kiosk and avoid the $40 connection fee https://www.koodomobile.com/en/help/upgrading-your-phone

Some Koodo kiosks closed but their retail (bestbuy, walmart...) are still open, if you need personal help, you could visit them also (connection fee might be applied).

Regarding the A8, it isn’t available anymore, there are newer models to replace it.

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What do you mean by a maintenance fee?  Are you refering to the Tab or the Extended warranty?