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Philippines for 1000 international LD minutes!

I've been 5 years using Koodo services and for I know a lot of Filipino in different parts of Canada that is using Koodo service, you should include Philippines for 1000 international LD minutes. That[b] makes us feel special too!

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Thank you for your feedback 🙂

For now, the countries included in that promo will not change but we are always looking to offer services that are better suited to all our customers. So keep an eye out as you never know what the future may hold :) 

And sorry it took us so long to get back to yo, Clark 😞  We've been swamped. 

Happy Holidays to you!
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I am not entirely sure whether the UK is included. Someone on the forums claims UK is included, but the koodomobile website suggests that it isn't.
If UK is included, get UK forwarding numbers. There are countless websites that will give you free UK forwarding numbers to forward calls to your contacts in the Philippines. Then you call the UK numbers you assign to call your contacts in the Philippines, which would count as UK airtime, not Philippines airtime. Otherwise I think Koodo offers 1000 UK minutes for $20. This trick will allow you to call most of the Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania and a bit of Africa (no dice for Cuba or other expensive calling destinations), regardless of landline or mobile.
A bit of a daisy chain, but once you set it up, you're just calling UK numbers saved under your contacts.