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Paying for booster add ons, what a pain.

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Wow, that is dumb. Sorry, I like Koodo and every thing, but, the things you have to do to get a booster, is just, well, dumb. You should be able to just pick the boosters you want, then, pay for them. Since you can't do that, you have to top up your account. Okay, but, you can only do up to $50. Well, I want to put up more than $50 in boosters, so, I have to go through that twice. Then, I have to do the same to my wifes phone. What a pain.

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Haha I agree with you there, Brian! You could actually suggest that if you like, I think it would be a brilliant suggestion 🙂 Offer to top up after adding the boosters you'd like to add with the total amount. Simple - I love it!
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Hey Brian, That's a good idea. As Sophia said, you can submit your suggestions on the idea section of our Community (http://koo.do/RjZcl2 ) All suggestions are reviewed. Thanks for your time. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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Vick Hage wrote:


I believe he meant "wife's". Punctuation is the difference between "Let's eat, grandma!" and "Let's eat grandma!"