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Pay tab off faster?

Is there any way to pay off my tab faster other than selecting a more expensive plan? like an offer or something?

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Hi Akshat, Koodo has a new Tab system where you are guaranteed to pay off your phone in 2 years... called Small, Medium and Large Tab. The Small Tab works with any plan, for the Medium Tab you need at least a plan that is $30 and the Large Tab only works with a few (dedicated) plans... To qualify for the Small and Medium Tab, all you need to do is upgrade your phone... no need to get a new plan. Other than that there is no way to speed it up I'm afraid 🙂
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Next time you get an upgrade, just add nothing to your existing Tab, that way you won't have to worry about a higher balance being paid off too slowly... on top of that, the new Tabs have a 15% Koodo contribution and are cleared in 24 months.