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Pay per use data while on data plan??

I have a data plan for 1GB on my iPhone which I haven't come close to using this billing cycle, however, I've noticed on my usage that I have been charged 19MB pay per use data...? Does anyone know why this would be since I haven't even used up the monthly data I have on my plan? I'm being charged for the pay per use...

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Hi Rachel, One possible explanation I can think of is did you change your plan recently? Then perhaps the 19MB pay per use data is from before you changed to the 1GB plan?
No Sophia it has been at least 3 months now since I changed my plan, I'm not sure it would be from that far back.
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Oh that is really strange... you might need to call Koodo (*611) to sort out your bill then... I'm sure they will be able to explain 🙂
Only other thing I could think of is roaming data charges, if you have not left the country then call or email koodo for an explanation.
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Just to add to what PZABOY said, you can use this secure link: http://koodomobile.com/emailen to email us (please log into your Self Serve account when required) this will allow us to take a look at your account and give you more detail.