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Pay per use data

  • 12 March 2023
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What the heck does pay per use data mean? For the $33 tab basic plan they don't give you any data at all it seems and if you want some it costs $13/100MB. So how does that work? Do they charge you $13 if you use any data at all? Or do they charge you proportionally to what you use? And if they charge you $13 to use any at all, then why not just be honest about the monthly cost and call it like it is - $46/month with 100MB data and additional charges of $13 after that for more data in increments of 100MB?

I am NOT thrilled with Koodo since Telus took over. There's a reason I was never with Telus in the first place. And now apparently there's no way to even talk to a customer service Rep unless you go through their AI which is complete garbage and doesn't work. The call back function doesn't work. This is my last ditch effort. Telus is just out there to exploit the ever living daylights out of people and bleed us dry of every penny we have. So unimpressed right now. 

4 replies

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It would be $13 as soon as you used it.

A better option would be prepaid. If data is included with the plan, it renews each month. If you need extra data, you can buy boosters at more reasonable rates and boosters never expire until you use them up. Here are a couple of the plans (there are more):



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Koodo was the subbrand of Telus from the start. It wasn’t an independent startup.

Regarding the extra payperuse. it was there as an option. However, generally, you get another cheaper price per GB if you need more data. More here https://www.koodomobile.com/en/help/shock-free-data

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@Superannoyed I have no idea why you would even waste time looking at that plan. Nowadays, not having any data included makes zero sense.  

The plan wasn't for me, it's for my mom who uses almost no data (but some, not none). 100MB is more than enough for her. Thanks everyone for the suggestions, we finally got through to a human by phone (that was way too difficult) and once we did he was great. Hooked her up with a plan where she's paying basically the same price as her old plan but with 2GB data and unlimited calling. Feeling much less annoyed now.