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pay per use activation

  • 14 October 2020
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I arrived this morning in France and my phone will not work. I can't text or call. I don't want the roaming because I won't be texting or calling much but I need to be reachable and I can't figure out how to get service. 


Best answer by Timo Tuokkola 14 October 2020, 14:16

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5 replies

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Assuming that you're on a monthly plan you'll need to go to self serve and add the free international voice roaming add on in order to be able to connect to the network. Then reboot the phone.

If you're on a prepaid plan then you're out of luck. Prepaid customers can't roam outside Canada and the US.

I have a monthly plan .

But when I add the free international roaming add on it wants me to buy a new phone and won't let me just get it

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  1. Sign into self serve
  2. Click 'view rate plan’
  3. Click 'manage add ons'
  4. Scroll down to international voice roaming and click 'add to plan’.

If it's asking you to buy a new phone you're going through the webstore.

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If you enable ‘Roaming’ on your network settings, you may be able to connect to a local network for a pay-for-use (high) rate. Depends on your length of stay, you may be better off buying a local SIM for ~10 euros and a prepaid call & text plan for this visit (note that you need to present your passport to buy a SIM in France).

Thank you so so much

It's working now