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Pausing monthly subscription while travelling abroad and resuming when I return

I currently have a monthly plan and I will be travelling for a few months. Can I pause my monthly subscription for the duration of my stay abroad and resume it when I come back?

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You can put your account on seasonal hold for up to 6 months. Seasonal hold is $15/month (as opposed to paying your full monthly rate plan). Your phone cannot be used during seasonal hold and when you come back to Canada and want to remove seasonal hold, you have to choose a new plan that is offered on the Koodo website at that specific time. Call *611 from your Koodo phone to speak with a rep to set-up seasonal hold.
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Hi Vaibhav, Yes, you can put your plan on seasonal hold, which will cost $15 per month. The only downside is that this is considered a plan change and when you come back, you'll have to pick a plan from the current lineup. If you are okay with that, then there is that option for you 🙂