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Passee dun android à un apple sans changer de forfait

  • 12 October 2020
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Puis-je garder mon forfait actuel (35$/mois) que j'ai actuellement avec mon Huawei si je désire changer mon cellulaire pour un iPhone 8 (fourni par moi-même)?

Merciii! :)


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2 replies

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If it is an old plan, you may be asked to change plans. You may try and go through the steps of setting the tab for the iPhone 8 and stop short of buying the phone (and see if you are asked to select a new plan). If in doubt, and your plan is worth keeping, you may be better off buying the phone elsewhere.

See “Keeping or changing your plan when you upgrade your phone” 


If you currently have no tab, then in most cases, you may be able to keetp your current plan.

Tab size selected for upgrade If my current plan is… Then, in most cases, I…
No Tab - Can keep my current plan
Tab Basic Lower than $35*/month Need to change to a current
Tab Basic Plan
$35*/month or higher Can keep my current plan
Tab Mid/Plus Lower than $45*/month Need to change to a current
Tab Mid/Plus Plan
$45*/month or higher Can keep my current plan
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Oui, c’est possible. Faites juste changer votre carte SIM de votre Huawei vers votre iPhone.

@nim4165, she asked if she can keep her plan if she brings her own device to Koodo. She owns a Huawei phone and switched to an iPhone. The information you provided here is applicable only if she would want to buy a new phone. Google Translate might do the job sometimes, but it clearly misunderstood somehting in @Cloclo’s question hahah.