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partial charge in my account! WHY?

I was with Koodo for 2 years now and my cousin came from another country and want to use a phone immediately. On June 10th, I registered a new number for him in my account. He registered a plan ($53 1GB Unltd min Plan). After about 20+ days, I checked my bill and saw his $53 plan turns into $84.80 -> $95.82 (after tax). I was like wth? 

The partial charge is from Jun 10 To Jun 27. And, the plan charge is from Jun 28 to Jul 27. 

Do I have to pay the partial charge? Does that mean he cannot use the phone until june 28th? That doesn't make sense? Why does Koodoo charge me extra when I bring my cousin to activate a new number (bring them business indeed)? The sales associate told us we can use the phone immediately after activation with no charge. 

I thought my cousin's monthly plan starts the day of the activation which is June 10th- July 10th?

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Hello Wai

I understand your reaction. But everything's ok and normal. The first bill is always higher due to proration.

Read this for more info : http://help.koodomobile.com/my-bill/c...
I read that already. He is only here for a month and he already left. Does that mean his monthly plan of $53 turns into $95.82? That is ridiculous. Can you please credit the partial charge in my account? If I know Koodoo will charge me an additional cost, I will not bring my cousin to activate a number. 

Me and my cousin only thinks we only need to pay $53; not $95.82 when we first purchase the plane
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Wai-Hong Mok wrote:

I read that already. He is only here for a month and he already left. Does that mean his monthly ...

It because the system determined the billing cycle. that's why  you got charged for partial  - Jun 10 To Jun 27 (in your case) plus a month in advance (Jun 28 to Jul 27).

I assume you don't need 2nd line for your cousin anymore, so you will need to call customer service to cancel his number. Then you can discuss your billing issue with them.
*611 from your phone. option 5 for customer service or keep pressing 0 to get a rep.