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over charged and have no idea why!!!

My daughter bought an add on for $15 last month so she could text to her friends from where we were vacationing.She was given 75 texts.The whole time we were out of the country we were monitoring her usage,from our count she didnt go over the limit that was set for her.We received our bill and it is telling us she went over by $82 worth.I called Koodo and they stand by what they charged on the bill.We have never had this problem before.Is there anything that can be done?

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Hi Ron, The 15$ US Add-on I am assuming you got provides you with unlimited texts in the United States for 10 days. Are you sure no data was consumed? Data is not included in the plan and it's the one thing I could see that could sky rocket your bill up the way it did in this situation. Take a look at the bill closely, what exactly is the 82$ of overage applied on? Hope this helps!
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Hello Dave, 

As this is a public forum we don't have access to your private information here. You can check your detailed bill on your Self-Serve profile. The detailed charges start at page 3.

Many thanks!