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Over a week

  • 20 June 2019
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Order#: HFO23912192

Hello, I signed up for Koodo last Monday, June 10. It is now a week and a half since, and my order is still saying that it's being reviewed. I checked my e-mails and there has been no further attempt at contact. My old phone number has now expired because I cancelled my previous carrier after signing up with Koodo.

Can you please let me know what is causing the delay and if there's any info you need to move the process forward? Thanks!

5 replies

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@rslhb Looks like we attempted to call you. The first time on the 14th. Did they leave you a message at all? We will need additional information to validate the account. The number you left us is a different area code than your address. Is that number still the one they should try to reach you?
Hello Bernard,

No message was left for me. My old number was still active on the 14th. If I missed the call, no voice message was left. My phone number deactivated after June 16, so I do not have a phone number anymore. Can you contact me via e-mail instead?
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@rslhb Email is not sufficient for ID confirmation. It's too prone to fraud based some historical events. No one is suggesting you would do that, however it is equally applied to all. It has to be an actual number where we can contact you. Is that possible at all?
Not at home. You can call me at work from 9am - 5pm EST. Where can I send you the number?
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@rslhb Faceboook private message. Link your post here to explain the situation.