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if I live in Alberta am registered in Alberta bill and phone but have an Ontario number(based on no long distance fees, and so my family doesn't have to pay long distance) im being charged Ontario tax in which I don't reside. also getting off the phone with koodo support they tell me if I call another province or am in another province im charged that provinces taxes? if this is true why are we as customers not told this? we don't sign anything stating that nor is there any information on the koodo website or forum stating these regulations.

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after some research I have found this info on the cra website stating: -If either the origin or destination province of the call is also a billing address, the call is charged tax per the province with the billing address. -If neither the origin or destination province are the billing address, then tax is calculated per the province from which the call originates. that being said why are we paying these taxes.
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That's a question for the government, not Koodo. Koodo, like all other companies, have to charge tax in accordance with government tax laws.....
Actually it's a question for koodo yes it has to do with each province but koodo is charging the bills and the taxes to us customers and the customers need it clear as to what is right and what isn't this has been now been brought to head of koodo this issue so everyone will be clear as to what's what
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Right, taxes you and then forwards the collected tax to the government. What would this disclosure accomplish? It's not going to reduce or eliminate the amount of tax we're paying. I think there should be a line item on all invoices stating ' I AM THE GOV'T & I ASKED FOR THIS TAX' followed by an 800# for complaints