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  • 14 April 2021
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I am currently in China now, and plan to stay here for a coupe of months. Now, I would like to change my rate plan so I can basically receive messages but do not need call any more. The problem is I can’t log in to Facebook or twitter and have no way to contract representative either. I tried to call 8669956636 but the best bet is ‘set a call back’ to my Canada phone where I don’t want to open international roaming now.

Any solution?



3 replies

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Koodo doesn't have a texting only plan and the seasonal hold completely blocks service service your phone so you won't receive calls or texts.

You can change your plan to the lowest one available in your selfserve account though if you aren't currently on a talk and text plan.

If I want to seasonal hold, what should I do?

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If I want to seasonal hold, what should I do?

Because you are already out of the country, you need to send them message through FB or Twitter.

Seasonal hold is count as a plan change, so yo9u need to pick a in market plan when you came back.

More info about the seasonal hold :