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Order phone on one line for another?

  • 26 September 2020
  • 2 replies

Is it possible to order a new phone on one of the numbers on an account and use it with a different number on the account?

Present situation:

Phone #1: 8GB plan $56

Phone #2: 8GB plan $50


Can I get the promotional (ending Sept. 30th) 9GB plan for $50 for phone #1 and use the new phone required to get said plan on phone #2? I intend to buy the phone outright. I was just figuring this would save phone #1 an additional $6 every month. I don't see anything wrong with this unless this will cause issues with activation of the new device??

Thanks in advance for any clarification.

2 replies

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You can use any phone that you buy on any line for any account, if that makes sense 🙂 No restrictions there!

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That's what's so great about Sim cards! It just goes into any phone you want anytime you want.