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Open a monthly plan account and then close it and open a prepaid account?

Hello, I want to switch from Videotron to Koodo to pay less per month, but I have a specific question. I want to have the special Quebec price on the iPhone 4S ($300), but the only way to get it is to take it with a monthly plan. So what I want to do is buy the 4S with a monthly plan and then close my account which I will pay for the first month (it would be even better if I could just cancel before 14days so they'll just ask me to pay a prorate of the plan) and then open a prepaid account with my iPhone 4S. Now what I want to know is: -is it even possible to change my account from a monthly plan to a prepaid plan? -I want to port my Videotron number, when is the best time to port it? When I take the monthly plan for one month or when I take the prepaid plan? Thanks and sorry if I'm not clear, English isn't my first language.

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You can write in French, SkAshe, there are several here who speak French. I do not, so will answer in English. What you are suggesting is not entirely ethical, but it's done many times. In short, yes you sure can take a plan with the iPhone 4S, and after the first month port out to prepaid. (Don't cancel your account! Port instead!) Your postpaid account will be closed immediately and you'll have the iPhone on prepaid. Of course you will need to pay the first month and pay for the phone in full. You can port in your Videotron number to Koodo postpaid and then port it again to prepaid, or take a temporary number that you port to prepaid and then port in your own number. Whichever you prefer, but in that last case you'd have to keep Videotron a month extra.
Sophia wrote:

You can write in French, SkAshe, there are several here who speak French. I do not, so will answe...

Thanks a lot for your answer 🙂 Yeah I know, it's not completely honest, but Koodo probably thought that some people might do it and they didn't do anything to block us from doing it (maybe they can't do anything, I don't know).