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  • 21 November 2020
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Do yourself a favour and DO NOT ORDER online from the sales products, KOODO DOES NOT HONOUR YOUR PURCHASES ONLINE. i purchased an iphone 8 with zero down and customer service rep was trying to tell me that the order was impossible even though i have proof. Absolute worst experience ever be careful when you order online, koodo may not honor the sale.

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4 replies

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Can you give more details? Did you get the issue resolved?

so basically they had a sale offer for the iphone 8 pre certified where you can keep the tab basic and have 0 monthly tab. i placed my order and even upgraded my plan to a higher basic one. so than i received a email saying the iphone was sold out but instead of cancelling my whole transaction all they did was cancel my phone order so i was stuck still paying a high plan amount without a new phone. and to try to help they offered me a discount on the iphone 8 plus now but still with a tab charge. 

i even have an email stating the transaction and they wont honor the transaction.

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Certified pre-owned phones are in limited quantities.  Unfortunately they do sell out.

Now when a phone is sold out, you will get a refund on the phone/tab.  So it sounds like they did do this.  Now since you changed your plan to purchase this phone, you will need to contact Koodo to change your plan back to your pre-purchase plan.  Koodo will not change your plan without your permission so they cannot do it automatically.  Yes they probably note this in the order cancellation email.


So just to clarify, did you contact Koodo to ask for your old plan back since the order was canceled?  if so, how did you contact Koodo and what exactly did they say?  From the initial sounds of things, I dont see a problem with getting your old plan back and I just want to get a better picture regarding what happened.