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old emails downloading by batch of 25.

since a week I have old emails downloading by batch of 25. Don t know how to stop it?

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What phone do.you have?
Samsung galaxy S2X
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You'll likely have to sign into your email account from a computer and manually delete all the old emails that appear there. Anytime the S2x syncs with, for example gmail, it will download whatever email messages (new and old) that reside within that particular email account. Deleting email messages from the S2x itself doesn't remove them from the email server. The action of deleting messages from your phone simply removes email messages from the phone. The reason the email messages are downloaded in batches of 25 is to save on data charges. This is also the factory default setting. The batch number (25) is configurable to higher values, however changing the value is not recommended if you're trying to keep data charges to a minimum.
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This is actually the primary reason I prefer to use imap or active sync instead of pop3 with any email provider thag supports them.