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Offer $3 dollar daily plans. Unlimited calling + texting and Data in USA

Offer $3 dollar daily plans. Unlimited calling + texting and Data in USA Similar as to TMOBILE

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The reason that works for T-Mobile is because they own their towers. When you are in the USA your phone is not using it's "home" towers and as such the US carrier is then billing the Canadian carrier for the usage. Obviously the Canadian carrier wants to make some profit and then boom we have whatever the current roaming rates are (since they seem to change every few months, and generally are getting better). The best way to get the T-Mobile rate in the USA is to unlock your phone and sign up with T-Mobile.
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But a note to koodo. This would be a great option for your prepaid customers in Canada to be used in Canada. For 3$ I get un limited talk, text, pic messaging, and 200mb of data at 4g after 200mb I'm throttled to 2g equivalent speeds. I'm only charged the days I actually use the service.
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Make it $5 per day even and I'd make use of it even then, just to avoid the hassle of buying some prepaid SIM and sign up. If you make it happen, Koodo, I PROMISE I'll upgrade from Prepaid 😃
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Good points guys, would be awesome to have for customers in Canada!
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Interesting idea!
Roam Mobility is a vancouver based company offering similar pre-pay service. I think this could be a popular add on.