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Occasional calls to the USA .. "per minute" Koodo?

  • 30 September 2020
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The title says it all:  ‘Occasional calls to the USA .. "per minute" Koodo?’ .. i.e. I only call Sister June every other month for ten minutes.  What is the most economical way to cover this, and does the “per minute” idea work for any/all plans?  [ sorry for being so cumbersome.  it’s all confusing ]

ps: Sr June in NY, USA

3 replies

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Calls to the US without a US calls add-on, ‘per use’ minute rate is $0.60/minute

That will be $6 every other month.

Please consider paying the above noted ‘per use rate’ of $0.60/minute with no change to your plan.

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I'd use a phone card or VoIP to do it. Currently with Koodo it's 60 cents a minute. Even with the 3 dollar a month saver it's 20 cents a minute. You're definitely better off getting a phone card that's got no fees or a VoIP service like skype to call.

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Note that this does not include any Talk minutes, just long distance minutes.  If you do not have unlimited talk on your plan, and you are over your minutes, then there is a $0.60/min overage talk charge on top of your per minute long distance talk rate.