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number port didn't work,

  • 5 September 2020
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This was my fault for trying this right before a long weekend.

I received a SIM card in the mail and I activated my phone earlier today.  I initiated the number port through Koodo Self Serve.  It said it would take up to two hours and text me when it’s done.

In the past, with other cell carriers, a number port took about ten minutes.

Three hours later it hasn’t happened.  I tried through the Koodo website to get an agent to call me back and the next available call back is Sunday at 3:30, two days from now.

So I have no phone number for the weekend, is there anything I can do?

11 replies

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When you log on to self serve does it say the port is complete?

Does your sim from the old carrier still work?  Does the sim with Koodo work (what number does it show when you text & call?

It says Transfer status : In progress

old carrier sim doesn’t work

I can call out and it shows my number, but I can’t be reached at my number, calls go to voice mail

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You could call your previous provider and find if the porting has been completed at their end. In my case, I was told that the block on porting needed my approval (following a verification procedure). Once the block was removed, it took minutes to complete the number porting. From the Koodo end, you could try Koodo’s porting department and try and figure out if there is a problem and help them resolve the problem. The Koodo porting dept. number which I used, no longer works. You may try and call Koodo customer support 1-866-995-6636   to schedule a callback and ask about the porting status.

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If it's been over 4 hours then it looks like your port is stuck. 

Call Koodo/Telus number porting team.  (844) 232-7678,

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 @chrisbc Can you pls power cycle your phone? I assume the number we are talking about is ending with 24.

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@nim4165  Giving out the number for Koodo won’t help as all inquiries have to be set up via a scheduled call back. The number you are giving out simply re-directs to book a call. Can’t access a rep via that number. 

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Understood. I would have given @chrisbc the porting department number that @Dennis provided, if I had the right number (mine was outdated). Next time I use the ‘call back’/’book a call’ term (via chat) since this is the 2nd time I am getting this comment from a Mobile Master. Thanks

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@nim4165 Totally fine. We appreciate you being helpful! I’m actually an employee not a Mobile Master. Hope it’s easy to tell the difference.🙂 You click on my monicker you’ll see ‘official rep’.

Issue resolved.  I contacted my old carrier and my number had a port-out lock, I had it removed.  This was the source of the problem.  (I don’t remember asking to have a lock put on my account, but whatever..)

the person I spoke to at the old carrier said I’d need to have Koodo re-initiate the port-out

Called (844) 232-7678, they resubmitted the request, and the agent said it was successful, it took about an hour to go through, I’m now able to receive texts and calls on my phone number.  Got wifi calling enabled.

(I’m not sure why the old SIM card didn’t work before the port-out succeeded, that part puzzles me, but oh well.)

@nim4165 @Dennis @Bernard Koodo - Thanks very much for the help, hope you all have a great weekend.




An afterthought, it would’ve been nice if my old carrier had notified me in some way that “hey, someone tried to initiate a port out, but you have a lock on your account..”

1) so that if I had initiated the port out I’d know that it’s going to fail and I should get on the phone with tech support, thus saving me a few hours.. or, 2) if I didn’t initiate the port out, this would warn me that someone has my information and is trying to fraudulently get access to my account.

but whaddyagonnado..

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Glad that my experience helped you resolve your porting issue. The exchanges you describe are exactly the ones I experienced over a 4 long period.  Very glad that you managed to have a working phone for the long weekend. BTW, the old SIM did not work because the porting process started and it was no longer part of your old network.  Enjoy!