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I'm considering using a Koodo prepaid phone plan. I will need long distance but although the prepaid plan page has a section for this as follows: "Booster®️ add-ons If you need long distance minutes, data or anytime/daytime minutes, add Talk or Data Booster add-ons to complement your base plan." the Talk Booster®️ Add-ons only talk about 'anytime minutes' not long distance.

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So basically the booster add on give you a set anytime minutes to use in Canada, if ur calling US it would take 2 mins out of your anytime minutes and if you call overseas it will take 5 mins from your an time minutes
So are 'anytime minutes' and long distance minutes the same thing?
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Lynton Cooke wrote:

So are 'anytime minutes' and long distance minutes the same thing?

There is a difference, Lynton. Anytime minutes are minutes that you can use at any time, day, night or weekend, they can be long distance or local. If you are on the $15 base plan, all your minutes are always anytime minutes. However you can also pick a base plan of $25 for unlimited LOCAL minutes after 7pm and in the weekend, all the way up to $50 for unlimited local calling. In that case, your minutes can be anytime minutes (if used during the day or LD at night/weekend), or included minutes (local minutes during the included times). Hope that wasn't too confusing to you, haha. Edit: however based on your original post, I guess it is sufficient to say that in your case, anytime minutes and LD minutes are the same.
Thanks, I think I get it now.