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Not getting voicemail notifications (audible and banner)

  • 18 October 2021
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When a new message is left in my voicemail, I do not get any notification (audible or banner on phone). 

There is the “voicemail” icon on the bottom right of the phone app, but it doesn’t show any voicemail / new message. There is just a grey button “Call Voicemail” in the center of the screen.

Recently switched to Koodo. Iphone 12 on iOS 14.8 and using the regular voicemail (no visual or instant voicemail option)

Thank you for your help


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5 replies

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I think you’d need visual VM in order to see how many VMs you have on. If not, it’s going to be only a red dot on the phone application. 

Thanks @Robert T but I am not seeing the red dot at all

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@cabanes As a workaround, and free improvement over the basic Koodo voicemail offering, you might want to take a look at youmail.com. With a free account there, you can set your conditional call forwards to them instead of the default Koodo voicemail service, and have your voicemails emailed to you as a sound file attachement plus text transcription. Basically just like Visual Voicemail that costs $5/mo otherwise from Koodo.

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Try going to Settings > Notifications - scroll down to and tap Phone. Check that both the ‘Allow Notifications’ and the ‘Badges’ slider switches are in the ‘on’ position. You can also select banner alert types from this menu. I believe all three banner banner alert types, (Lock Screen, Notification Centre and Banners) should be set by default once Allow Notifications is enabled).

Next, go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics. Scroll down and tap on New Voicemail. Select from the list of ringtones to set as your voicemail audible alert. 

@Nezgar Thanks for the tip will check it out. 

@rikkster Tried all that. Banner works now (it was not set to persistent). Still no red dot on the phone and/or voicemail icons

From what i’ve read so far on the interwebs, the problem stems from the fact that the iphone 12 was previously with another provider and had visual VM. It seems like my only option aside from buying into visual vm would be to reset/restore the phone. Not going to happen for now :)

Thanks all for your help!