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Not allowed to change to an advertised plan

I currently have an account with 2 numbers.  1 number is on a classic tab small and the other on a tab medium.  I want to take advantage of one of the current promotion right now to increase the amount of data but have been told i am not allowed to select from the available plans.

 How is this possible? Can someone please explain to me.  

The number with the tab small has a positive tab balance, i will be upgrading my phone in the new year but want to take advantage of the great deal now on the plan.

I have been trying to access my account for days and cannot get past signing in. I finally got through via twitter and am being told i cannot change my plan to the new one. This doesn't make sense.

I owe nothing on my one phone hence the positive tab balance, the other phone is already on the new plan just wanted to bump up to the new data.

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Are you sure the plan you're looking to get is available in your province?
Yes, I am in Ontario. 

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Hi Frankie - looks like you were able to get some clarification from us through Facebook, as you'll need to switch from a classic tab to the new tab structure in order to get one of the latest plans. Let us know if you still have any questions. 
Ranjan, while I appreciate your response the main issue i have been experiencing is that through the last 2 promotions I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO MAKE THE CHANGES THROUGH ONLINE.  I apologize for the capital letters but this has been one very very frustrating situation.  I reached out via twitter and facebook (response was from Twitter not facebook by the way) as i could not get online and at that time was told i couldn't select one of the tab medium plans if i was on a classic plan.  This answer is of no help if I CANNOT ACCESS THE ONLINE PLANS TO MAKE A CHANGE! This accessibility issue was actually what I tweeted about.

For 4 days now i have been receiving this message:

This is the same message i was getting in November when i was trying to change the plan.

Wait times on the phone for customer service is over an hour right now.....all i need to know is how do i " switch from a classic tab to the new tab structure in order to get one of the latest plans" if i cannot access online or via phone?
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Frankie wrote:

Ranjan, while I appreciate your response the main issue i have been experiencing is that through ...

Understood Frankie. I'm sure it's frustrating, but the reason you're unable to change on your own is because of the tab structure (going from classic to new Tab M.). There should in fact be a banner within self serve that says something to the effect of "Can't find the plan you want", which will allow you to acknowledge the switch and proceed. If you don't see this, we can authenticate you through private message on Twitter or Facebook, and help get this sorted.. speaking of which, did you engage in a conversation with the agent on Twitter about this? If so, I'm wondering why it didn't get resolved right then. 
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You might not like this answer: a rep will likely have to manually change it if it's anything like the last time something like this happened. If you don't have a tab being used currently and it won't let you change online then itl either have to be done over the phone manually or someone from Koodo's Facebook will have to do it if they can. You can try calling at 9am if you're available to tomorrow.
You are right, I dont like that answer LOL  will try calling tomorrow or going into a store Tuesdya if i am able.