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Not able to change to 38$ Lightweight plan in Self-Serve

Hi, I have an iPhone 5s, and I was looking at the new plans to change from my 35$ Data Double (300Mb monthly, with 300 anytime minutes) to the new 38$ Lightweight (500Mb and 500 anytime minutes)...however, this option is not available in self-serve. Why?

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Hi Anne, You must pay off your tab (if any) to be able to switch to the new plans. Once the tab is paid off, contact Koodo either by using *611 from your mobile phone or going to the Koodo retail location and get them to switch the plan. Currently you can't get the new plan online. Hope this helps!
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These new plans are available for new activations. If you want access to these new plans, like Mathieu said, you need to pay off the tab. Once this happens, you're in the 'new world' and any discounts and contributions you're getting today no longer apply