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Not able to access Text or Email Promotions

  • 11 February 2019
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I have received 3 texts of the promotion of 15GB for $85 or $150 in credits towards a phone upgrade in store or both when upgrade online and one email of 10GB for $60 when I upgrade since Nov '18.

I see the $150 in credits towards a phone but have no access for the 15GB for $85 when I added a phone to the cart but the Telus/Koodo store said they see it. The offer sent by email 10GB for $60 I couldn't access that one online either so I went to a Telus/Koodo store and they couldn't see so I called customer service and they couldn't find it either nor could they find the email that was sent.

Anyone else have these issues?

I've downgraded my plan today and have decided to purchase an unlocked Note 9 online instead of purchasing it from Koodo. I'm just annoyed after weeks of wanting to upgrade my phone. I want to save as much money as possible.

Seriously thinking of going to Public Mobile and save more money not much difference in 3G and 4G speeds around here. The only issue I see is when I travel to the US for work is going to pain. Maybe I should get a dual SIM Note 9. I don't use VoLTE or Wifi calling. Sorry for the rant just fed up after being a loyal customer since 2008 and calling customer service when they can't even give me the answers.

Hope you guys are having better luck.

5 replies

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Was the Text said "OR". I think you can only take $150 OR the promo plan $85 for 15GB, not both.

If you can live with 3G speed,then it shouldn't be a big problem if you choose to go with Public Mobile.
The first couple of texts clearly states one or the other when I upgrade in store then it writes upgrade online and get both. The last text I received 2 days ago has it worded a little differently but still says the same

"Get 15G of data for $85/month when you upgrade your phone with any Tab. Or, get up to $150 in bill credits when you upgrade your phone with Tab Medium and up. Visit your nearest Koodo location. Get the plan, the bill credits and the Connection Fee waived when you redeem online through Self Serve at ..."
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You can always try sending a private message to Koodo via Facebook Messenger or DM via Twitter to get it sorted out with the text copied for them.
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The notification I got was for upgrade on a medium tab. Were you choosing a medium tab when you were looking at the plans after adding the phone to your cart?
Aso could you share the text here? We may be able to help out a bit better that way.
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How do you know you get the option for both online while trying to upgrade in store?