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There are tons of business people and travellers who regularly travel between the US and Canada. As of now there are only three options for cell phone usage. 1. Turn off their phone. 2. Get a national Sim card from a different carrie . 3. Pay ridiculously high roaming rates. I think a Canadian and US carrier should team up together to provide service free of roaming charges within Canada and the US. I think a many people would be willing to pay a marginal premium for this.

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T-Mobile has "Simple Choice" plans which include free (potentially slower) data/text roaming in a wide range of countries, but even they charge 20 cents/minute for voice roaming (Canada, UK, etc). There's probably two aspects - keeping at least some of the profit from roaming charges, and the actual wholesale rates they can get from their partners. T-Mobile is actively trying to (at least appear to) disrupt the US market, since they have a relatively small share. I'm not sure which of Telus/Bell/Rogers would want to introduce something like this here, since they'd give up the big roaming profits, and might not make it up in added customer volume.