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I know we do have the International L.D Saver already, but I'd love to see in the near future (AND YES I KNOW KOODO CAN'T COMMENT ON THIS OFFICIALLY) to see some North-America-Wide Calling plans. Many of us have family in the US and if I had a plan with $5 or $10 extra for a plan that INCLUDES minutes worth of calling to the US from Canada (or US), I wouldn't have to think twice about dialing them in instead of having to hassle through Skype/Viber/Rebtel etc.. i.e. If my current plan has 400minutes, I can use any of those 400 minutes to call Canada or US as I please, instead of having 400 Canadian minutes, and then having to add-on however many minutes I may need for calling the US. Plenty of us travel to the States frequently... Having one less hurdle when we travel would also be nice, at least just for voice minutes. I can totally understand still needing a data roaming or text roaming package right now... but voice minutes in this day and age are not things to be price stickelers over. I think it would be a huge competitive move to be Canada's first North-America-Wide minutes provider with plans that include unrestricted calling to the US. I'm not sure of how feasible this is, but I don't see why it can't be. Of course there will be a slight premium over Canada-wide plans, but I think many would go for it. Once again, not expecting an official response from Koodo... unless they really do love the idea and want to do it and print out currency with my face on it in my honour.... lol But I'd love to hear the community's thoughts here.

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I do remember a $30 add-on for unlimited calls to the USA. I would like to see something cheaper. I have received quite a number of calls asking for North American plans when calling from Canada. +1
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If calling the USA is important to you you do have options Koodo offers a long distance saver add on that makes calls to the USA 5 cents per minute, right now i believe you're paying 45 cents per minute. Jajah gives you the option to convert unlimited foreign numbers to local numbers for a fee of. 03 cents per minute (prepaid) and rounded to the next minute.  This service offers an access number so you can call in and then dial whatever number you wish like a calling card. Numbers you likely won't call again or call infrequently. SKYPE TO GO, this service is 2.99 a month and includes unlimited calling to up to 30 numbers in the USA. Like Jajah it converts foreign numbers into local numbers. It also has a local access number you can use to call any number outside of the 30 you've created. You can also register up to 20 phones so your family can use your Skype To Go numbers as well. If you have a nights and weekends package or unlimited anytime minutes,  you can talk as much as you want and not worry about extra charges. At least One Mobile Master uses the service along with an unlimited plan to keep in touch with his family in FL.
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Chad Burr wrote:

If calling the USA is important to you you do have options Koodo offers a long distance saver...

Well yes I do know all these options exist... I was just suggesting a more direct (simpler) dial and call option that would be nice to see. Is all. Less of a need, more of a want, as is my style 🙂
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I would go for a true NA add-on (Mexico is part of NA too btw). 😉