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No Real Incentives

  • 24 June 2019
  • 5 replies

There does not seem to be a lot of great incentives to keep long term Koodo customers on board in comparison to some other providers out there in terms of data. Koodo has been 100% reliable but a) I'm not a traveler b) I don't talk alot on my phone but I do run out of my 1GB data plan way before end of month, which in turn really restricts me from using my phone for more outdoor activities.

Wish they had some comparable data plan incentives to keep me here.

5 replies

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That's depends on what you mean? I don't think many of the other providers offer much to their current customers either. Seems Fido is more willing to give retention deals, but other than that....

You don't owe loyalty to any company. If you see a better deal, go for it. You can always see if Koodo will match if it's something better than what Koodo is currently offering if you want.

How much do you spend for 1gb of data? There's probably better plans right now with Koodo you can switch to.
Definitely good points Goran, I think customer retention has slide by the wayside in lieu of attracting new customers with NOW deals, a tactic a lot of companies now go by. But when you compare plans, lets say my tab plan $40mth and only 1Gb of data and my only incentive is buy a new phone to move up to a $50mth plan with 6GB of data, honestly they should just offer the package itself without hostage of a new phone. I have seen comparisons here regarding Freedom and their data plans are pretty much double here but there are always trade offs. But I will do as you suggested and contact support and see what they can offer and I do feel loyalty can go both ways and it should. Thanks.
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@QMaze We often load offers for existing customer on the self serve account. Yoiu should be able to log in and see if there is one currently available. You are 2 payments away from your phone at which point your bill drops by $15. We currently have a promo till July 3rd where you could get 4gb for $50. In 2 months you'd be paying $5 less than today and you'd have 4 times the data.

Alternately you can pay off your Tab and get the extra data now by switching to this BYOD plan. I hope this helps.
Thanks Bernard, I had tried that with clearing the Tab but it doesn't allow my phone to be added to that plan. Keeps asking to add SIM. Thanks
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@QMaze First you have to pay off your outstanding tab. Once that’s done you simply change your plan to the one you’d like.