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No plan details on Change your plan page

On the Self Serve Change your plan page, there are currently no details about the available plans. (Expanding a plan reveals the message "Right now we can’t show what’s included in this plan. Please try again later.") Can anyone shed light on when "later" is? Tomorrow? Next month?

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I changed my plan on this page and immediately regret it. Beware: don't use this page!
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Hey Kat! We're currently redesigning our Self Serve; some sections might still be under construction. Please bear with us while we remodel our site. Have a great one!
Thanks, Karine. So I guess I would need to call to be sure I'm getting the plan I want? (I'm on seasonal hold right now, and absolutely need to have a regular plan in place when I return to Canada this weekend.)
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Hi Kat, You can definitely call in to make sure. If you are still away on vacation and returning back this weekend then I would suggest you to wait another few hours and i am sure the site will be up and working. If not then, you can always call in customer service 1866-995-6636 after coming back as well. They would be able to activate your phone that moment with any in market plan.
Thanks, Samridhi! This part of Self Serve is, indeed, working now.