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Had 4 billings with a service I never asked for. Koodoo would only take off the last the one from my last bill. It was $30.00 per month. I'm still checking into this and will cancel my account and switch to another service if not resolved.

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What service is for $30 a month? Why did you let go for 4 months instead of calling after the first?
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If it is some sort of subscription service, cancelling the Koodo service will not make the charges go away. If you would be so kind as to tell us more detail as to what those charges are such as the area of the bill you see them and any identifiers (airtime, data, subscription, premium message, etc.)
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More information please! But you let this go for 4 months?
I question why today's customers(not all mind you) are so incredibly lazy? It takes 5 minutes to review your bill(not even that). If you see a charge you don't recognize, call and dispute it. There really isn't an excuse to let a charge go by more than a money unless you have absolutely not way of contacting the provider or looking at your bill.
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Hi Tammy, I'd like to get more details on this matter. What kind of service was added on to your bill? Sumaya