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No Note 3? :(

This may just be me, but I really think that Koodo should get the Note 3 (if they aren't already in the process of doing so). Personally, I find myself torn between the Note 2 and the S5, but will likely go with the Note 2 due to pricing. However, if the Note 3 were added to the list - no questions - I would be getting the Note 3 due to preference. -- Kay

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I also want to buy note3
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S6 announced. Can an even newer note be far behind? Hard to see Koodo buying a batch of phones from 2+ generations ago.
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FWIW: I have the Note3 on Koodo and love it even more than I did with Bell before 🙂 My take is that Note4 is not a huge step forward, actually due to the QHD screen it draws more current for same size battery. There is also the cost factor...as the Note3 should be 300+ LESS than the new one. Keep an eye on the pre-owned phones, I know Telus has the Note3 a while back...maybe Koodo will do too.