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No koodo home phone message Indicator?

I now have koodo home phone. Very happy with the quality and savings over my old land line however have one complaint. When someone leaves a message the message indicator on the phone no longer flashes like it used to with my old land line. Is this a limitation or is there something I can do in the setup to get it to flash. I don't want to have to check the voicemail all the time "just in case". My handsets are uniden dcx 750's. Older yes but reliable.

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Yeah sadly that doesn't happen with our line either. The only way to see if there are voice messages is on the device itself... so we just taught ourselves to check that when we come home.
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Does the device play an intermittent dial tone when VM are received? Otherwise, here is the indicator Sophia mentioned:

David wrote:

Does the device play an intermittent dial tone when VM are received? Otherwise, here is the indic...

How do you check your voicemail on the Koodo home phone?  Do you have to dial a number or press a button to get into the voicemail?
Unfortunately the phone modem is in my IT closet so not convenient to check. Never noticed an intermittent dial tone either. Ah well I guess I'll have to check for voicemails periodically. Thanks for the replies
SOLVED ! I tried using a more modern DECT 6.0 cordless phone and indeed the light flashes on it. I guess I'll have to upgrade a few of my older uniden handsets. Zappy's happy.......
I have an AT&T Dect 6.0 phone but do not get any indications of messages eitheron it or Northern telecom corded 390 model phones. like you my unit is at the panel so it power all the old jacks in the house to use three handsets.  What brand of phone did you get to work may need to upgrade.
I am using Panasonic KX TGA641C model phones. Not that new but I do get the flashing light and dial tone indicator on them.