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No data with prepaid phone if no booster, right?

I just want to be sure I understand the prepaid 'boosters.' Am I right that even if you purchase a 'smartphone,' if you don't get a data booster you cannot get online (w/o wifi, anyway) -- and so you cannot rack up any data usage charges? (This would be a GOOD thing for us, as we are looking for a controlled prepaid plan for our daughter and we don't want any surprises.) If without a booster you end up on a pay-as-you-go billing of some kind without warning, that would be bad.

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You are corect. Be aware though that data on blackberry phones before BB10 will not work even with a data booster. Worth knowing if you want to be able to add some data at some time.
Thank you! Don't have Blackberry so that's no problem.