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No activation email

Hi, I just activated my koodo account and set up a service with my new phone, however I had not received an activation e-mail and when I log in I cant access anything without first activating it. I wasn't to sure about how to go about this, but I read online from multiple sources to ask here.

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Usually Koodo sends an email with a link to the activation webpage. They have been busy lately, and you phone may have shipped before the activation was completed. If you have not received an email by end of day tomorrow, you can contact Koodo to see if they can expedite things. Also check your spam folder to see if an email was placed there.

You can contact Koodo on Facebook or Twitter.  How-To: you can send a tweet to@koodo - and one of Koodo’s agents will help take the conversation private, or send them a private message from facebook.com/koodo. Koodo Phone Numbers: *611 from your cellphone, 1-866-995-6636, or +1 647-788-4337 but often means waiting on the line for a CSR, so Facebook or Twitter is usually less time consuming.
As it turns out I just got the e-mail, it took awhile but I think it did because I tried to create the account the first time and it was at the pending screen after I tried to make the full activation for half a day and then I quit and did in fact get the e-mail to activate an account the didn't exist in the fist place(which makes not sense), but later on that night I tried to create a whole new one and it went through and I had to wait 3 hours to get the activation e-mail. so I was unsure if they interfered with each other. but everything is fine now.