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New user with multiple lines

  • 8 January 2022
  • 3 replies

Hi there. I just ordered my first SIM card. 
Presently I am a Rogers customer. I have 3 lines on one account. (Myself, wife and daughter)
When ordering my SIM card I was only able to order one.
Any info on how to go about getting two more and activating them all together so I can cancel my Rogers account?

3 replies

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@Spurvinator I see your order in our system. Once that gets approved and you receive the SIM you’ll be able to additional lines to your account.  At the beginning lines can only be added for SIM orders (first 45 days or so) but after you’ll be able to upgraded to new phones if need be as well. Ordering online is your best bet as you will save the $50 Connection Fee charged at stores.  I hope this helps.

As far as cancelling Rogers, wait till you receive the SIM from us, then check the quick easy steps at koodo.com/setup to port your number in.  Once done that will automatically cancel that line, there won’t be any need to contact Rogers.  

Thank you Bernard. It helps. But, I am also a bit confused.

So, I should receive my SIM card in a week or so. 

When I receive that I will activate it and port over my number. 

Do I need to order two additional SIM’s for my wife and daughter? If so, when do I do this?


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@Spurvinator Indeed. SIM will be delivered by Canada Post.  Once you receive it you can initiate the setup. Pleas peruse this page is it has some valuable info re the setup and porting:


Pls don’t setup a self serve account until you receive the SIM.  Once you have set up your self serve account you port your number over online koodomobile.com. Pls leave your Rogers SIM and phone active as you will have to confirm via SMS that you are indeed the authorized person to port over a number. Rogers will send an SMS within a couple of minutes you initiating the port .You will have 90 minute to simply reply ‘yes’, which allow the number to ported to Koodo.


As far as your wife and daughter, I would wait till you have an active line with us. After you receive the SIM. Then you will be able to order 2 mores SIM and add lines to your account. 

As of right now your wife could order a SIM but it would be a separate account, she would need to go through a credit check as well and so on. Simple to keep the family on a single account I think. I hope this helps.