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New Plans Going wrong Direction

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Hello, So lookin at The newest Round of Koodoo Plans i see prices are going up Minutes and Data are Going down for Said Price, unless u take one of these crippleware Plans as i am calling them with  low minutes. I am on a Old unlimited $45 plan with unlimited and 1gig of data, And Clearly Koodoo Is never going to get near that again Its really quite Sad tbh. I will Miss you koodoo But i There are now other companies who offer the same or better than You. Thanks for the memorys!

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Hello Adam, Sorry you do feel this way, You are right with a few things as Koodo COULD do a bit better data-wise. As well as minutes when it comes to the non-unlimited plans. But Koodo is a great company with great customer service in my mind. They have always made things right with me and always left happy after a phone call. Other companies( not so much). However, if you do decide to switch companies, I'm sure Koodo appreciates yours business and would hate to see you leave. Best of luck with future endeavors.
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If you really compared cell phone plans today from 5 years ago, they are actually much better. All companies made adjustments to plans and pricing after the CRTC's new wireless code that enforced maximum 2 year contract terms. With that being said, all carriers have started to make their plans better since. It got worse, but it's getting better. 
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Oh Really? The new plans are Only better for People who Like Subsidized phones For me  5 years ago  unlimited canada wide with 6 gig was 65 dollars a Month Now even With My Own Phone thats $90 Even on a Budget Carrier like Koodoo!   Sure For those who want to get free Phones and change em often etc.. and don;t wanna Pay for the privledge these new plans are great For  Everyone else  Cellphones went to utter hell With the CRTC BS. And its Only getting worse! all the prices are going up atm!
I agree. All the carriers have the same prices. There is no difference except koodo has a flashy website.
My 3 year old plan 45$ 1gb ultd t&t was the same price for all 3 bigger carriers. Now it is $60. Better by what standard? And why not bring the Manitoba plan to all of canada and beat the competition. Where is tabador to fight for us?