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New Plans don't make sense...

The $60 plan unlimited everything with 2gb, and the $75 Unl. with 3gb... If I go to 3gb on the $60 plan, I would only be billed $70 ($60 + 2x $5/500mb overage) I realize that the $60 plan right now is a promo with double data, but $15 for 1GB? This isn't 2009 anymore 🙂

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The $60 plan clearly gives more for less, but only during the promo period. This isn't the first time this has happened. During the Xmas season, I switched my wife to the $25 plan which gave her twice as much as her previous $28 plan did.
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Yup, when the double data promo is over, this plan is a better deal as long as you use over 2.5 GB, as mentioned by someone in another topic, they probably should have just waited to bring it out when the double data promo ended.