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New plan on my own for me and son .ID issues in a way!

I want to open my own account since my ex has has fallen behind in payments and just told me ..I will need to open my own plan for me and my son..I have a sin card, a birth certificate..as for photo ID I have sent for my photo ID card I have a driver's licence that expired due to my marriage situation so is there a way to still sign on not pre paid . I have no passport .I really can't afford to go without a phone as my dad had two strokes and is not well ..it's my line to my mother ! Crossing my fingers

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Hi April. Here is a list of what Koodo requires for ID.

You will need a piece of photo ID, unfortunately.
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You could also sign on for prepaid, then transfer to a post-paid account, porting your number, once you qualify.
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In Ontario, an expired driver's license is valid as photo ID for a year after expiration.