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New Phone tab- Paying Off

If you have a current phone that is being paid off on the tab, and before your tab is finished you purchase a new phone, how much more would be added to your bill to pay off your old phone's tab plus the new phone?

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So the answer depends on how much tab you still owe and what tab you're going to use and what phone you buy.

For instance : I owed 20$ on my other tab but i wanted the new alcatel idol x+ which is 300$.

I logged into selfserve and clicked Pay Off My Tab. The 20$ i owed was billed to my next bill.

Then i went to the kiosk and got my Idol x+ on tab medium and walked out with out paying a dime up front.

What phone were you considering.?
i currently have a 4s which was free with the medium tab, and i am considering the iPhone 6 which is 375 with the medium tab.
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So u would need to pay off the tab balance on ur account (can be found on ur self serve account under the tab section) + the 375 for the new phone. The 375 will b paid in store and the tab balance will b added to ur next payment. Since ur getting the iphone 6 with medium tab ur account will have a fresh 300$ tab on it