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New phone deals

  • 14 September 2021
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So I've been wanting to upgrade my phone since I paid off my last one, I have been looking at the iPhone 12 specifically. I've noticed that if I wanted to pickup a new iPhone 12 plus max I would have to put down 1,250$ as an existing customer but if I wanted to grab the same phone signing up as a new customer I would only have to pay 668.50 roughly up front? Any info on this would be appreciated… I'm getting the feeling Koodo doesn't have much incentive for existing customers and I may need to just cancel and begin a new account with them or leave all together. 

2 replies

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The upfront price is likely due to your plan cost.
It needs to be a certain amount to qualify for the highest tab amount. Older plans may not qualify as well for the largest tab amount. You're still paying the same amount.
It may or may not require you change your plan to get the highest tab.

Well,  frankly, all the telecoms care more about getting new customers than providing vonjses to current ones.
It's typically you need to activate a new line or get a phone on tab to get a deal with all of them. You can schedule a callback to request to get a deal despite it, but there's never any guarantees.
If you can't get what you want, don't hesitate to hop around to another carrier. Up to you.

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Could also be what you're approved for based on your credit history.

If you're only approved for Tab Basic or tab mid, then they will only show those when you login.