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New phone. Can't make or take phone calls

  • 10 September 2021
  • 6 replies

I just got a new phone with Koodo. Transfered my old phone number from Telus to Koodo. Now I can text, but I can't make or take phone calls. How can we fix this?

6 replies

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How long ago did you port your number over?

About a week ago

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I see that you have ported your number 5 days ago, has this been happening since that day?

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Can you please power cycle your device and tell me if its still happening? I have reset the switch in your account. :)

It’s working! Took and made a call. Thank you!

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Great, happy that we resolved everything for you. We are here if you need us again in the future! Have a great day and stay safe! :)