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New phone but keep current plan

  • 3 May 2020
  • 9 replies

Hi there,

According to this website, I should be able to get a new phone and keep my current plan (current plan tab small with $45/month rate plan), upgrading to tab x-large. https://www.koodomobile.com/en/help/Keeping-or-changing-your-plan-when-you-upgrade-your-phone?search_api_views_article_search_fulltext=upgrade

When I go to purchase the phone, it tries to force me to change my plan. How do I keep my current plan?


9 replies

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Is the $45 the rateplan price without any add-on and Tab?

If possible can you share the error message when they asked you to change plan? (hide/delete information before posting please)

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You said you have Tab S right now?

Maybe it's because you are trying to use Tab XL?

I know it's same monthly plan amount, but Tab size is different.  Does the system is saying to change your plan or Tab size?

What happens if you try to use Tab S(or M) and choose sane plan?

I have cleared my tab and this did not solve the issue. This is the message I get. But according to information on their website, I should be able to keep this tab.


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Someone reported similar issues in the forum. It was some issue with “credit rating” with the account. Some accounts was approved for Medium/Small only.

Which phone did you choose? Have you tried to select a Tab Medium/Tab Small and see if you can get it. If you can select a Tab Medium with the plan then it was the issue with “credit rating”  for tab large/extra large with your line.

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So, you have No Tab plan.  You are not on any Tab plan.

Thats why it’s saying “ Buy this device at retail price”( No tab which you have now)

Or it’s because you paid off remaining Tab, that’s why your screen says “No Tab plan”?

It’s because I paid off the remaining tab.

And no, I cannot select tab medium. It still tells me I need to buy the phone outright to keep my current plan. But when I select tab small it allows me to keep my current plan. Is there a way to have a fix this “credit rating” issue?

I should note that tab small is what I previously had before I paid it off.

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@hollydel - taking a look at your account and I can’t quite see what would be preventing you from upgrading. Can you please send us a private message on Faebook? One of our reps should be able to help sort this out and advise how to proceed. 

hollydel did this work ? You had to contact them via Facebook ?