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new phone

  • 14 October 2020
  • 3 replies

I am sooooo frustrated!! When I first joined koodo, cs was great. Now I cant even speak to someone!! Ordered a new phone and need to set it up but cant get callback for more than 24 hours later!! I need to have this phone up and running now! I have tried calling, tried virtual assistant and nothing! Please call me!!! I will never order a new phone from koodo again!! Never!! 

3 replies

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What is wrong with your new phone setting? 

Did you insert a SIM from old phone to your new phone and not working?

yes old sim card is in and working now but dont we need new sim for new phone?

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No. This is a misconception. Your phone service IS on the SIM card. No need of a new one when changing phones, you just switch the old one to the new phone.