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New Heavyweight Plans Primarily For New Customers.

Why do existing customers need to not have a negative balance in order to get the new heavyweight plans but new customers get it, get to carry a balance and they get $50-$100 off a phone as well? What gives Koodo? We used to able to change our plans on a whim even with a negative balance. It seems like it's just a matter of attracting as much customers as possible and then forgetting about them. Dissatisfied existing customer here.

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New customers are subject to a credit check so they might not pass it, and they are forced to take new plans. Existing customers don't need another credit check and are usually able to keep an older plan if it's better. The new plans are incompatible with the old Tab system so that's why the old ones must be paid off. They're not trying to discriminate against you, it's just how the system was designed.
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It's due to the new tab structure and not being able to combine the two within the system, it's unfortunate but the only way to progress to things things getting better price wise when it comes to plans. With the customer now paying fully for their device just over a 2 year period it allows for plans to be cheaper. Right now Koodo is paying for part of your device and making it up on your plan so it's the same either way just flipped on where the customer is saving money and where Koodo is making their money.
First off thanks, for the input. Second, Johnathan, after reading other answers similar to my question, yours by far is the best political and I don't mean that in a negative way. As for Koodo making money, in the past 4 years I've added 2 family members and was looking at a third now, as well as, to my recollection off the top of my head, having purchased 7 different phones. So I'm pretty sure I got Koodo covered on my end. I understand the old tabs are not compatible but surely for existing customers a sort of work around could be put in place where the old tab continues to get paid off at the old rate and the customer simply pays the new rate in full.
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StirlingSenna wrote:

First off thanks, for the input. Second, Johnathan, after reading other answers similar to my que...

If you have a negative tab balance that means that your phone purchase was subsidized by koodo. They eliminated that and the new tab they have now is more like financing.
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Unfortunately Koodo doesn't have any sort of workaround for this. Someone else asked this earlier. The new system was a complete overhaul to the Tab and they can't simply go back to the old one. You could call customer service to see what can be done but I'm pretty sure they're just going to tell you whatever I said. Maybe they'll make it easier for you to get a new device afterward with a goodwill Tab reduction or something along those lines but that's all the loyalty departments realistically do because they don't have any retention plans unlike most of the other providers. Best of luck.