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new data overage charge obscene

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The data charge overage on the new plans are outrageous, none of the other cell companies charge $5/100 mb. I checked their websites and they are still $5/250 mb. What is going on Koodo, are you trying to go out of business?

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Only time will tell.......If Koodo sees a churn because of it maybe something will be done. But until then if the consumer is willing to pay a premium for data then FULL SPEED HEAD!
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I agree; the overages are very high. I don't really see the reasoning behind it. So people are more watchful of their data use? This is a bad way of going about it.
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Virgin charges the same for any plans that come with some data included. Looks like that's new standard. 😞 http://www.virginmobile.ca/en/plans/silver.html $5/100mb