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New $53 plan compared to old $60 plan w/ 10% own phone discount?

Just wondering if there's any difference at all in these two plans. When I signed up with Koodo in November I bought my phone outright from the manufacturer and bought the $60 unlimited talk/text and 1gb data plan. After 10% own phone discount it's $54 plus taxes and fees. Is this plan the exact same as the $53 plan that's offered now, and if so would there be any reason I shouldn't change my plan on my self-serve portal to save the buck+tax? Thanks!

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Hi MattPEI! If you compare the two plans, there is no difference. You will still get Unlimited Canada-wide anytime minutes, 1 GB of data, Additional data for $5/250 MB, Unlimited Text & Picture Messaging, Call Display, Voicemail, Call Waiting and Conference Calling. The only difference, is the extra bucks you're going to save! Have a great weekend!

Just wondering if the $53 Koodo plan and $60 Telus plan are the same? Seems they are. If both companies are sister companies why is this?