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New 10 for 60 plan to existing customer!

I am an existing customer of koodo. I called for the new 10 for 60 deal. It was a complete pain but worth it in the end thanks to representative Billy. I waited on hold for 5.5 hours to reach someone, got someone and she could not help me so had to send me to a higher ranking person I guess. Anyway after lots of patience and time they did give it to me on two lines. Thanks Koodo for holding up your end 🙂

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Did you have an existing tab? Or did you pay it off? I finally got thru but she was super rude and insisted I couldn't have that plan unless I upgraded or closed my tab. I told her the upgrade made no sense as I would have a new tab... But she was completely impossible
I had tab on one line, I will pay off on next bill.
They cleared tab no problem for me. I was worried I would have to fight but once I went to loyalty it was a non issue