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need unlimited minutes and incoming. Can;t figure to get it!

HELP!We need unlimited anytime minutes and unlimited incoming calls. We try to switch to the $50 Can-wide talk and text plan which advertises these in the current brochure. BUT the online pre-order summary says we will LOSE unlimited incoming. What am I missing.

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You are confusing yourself. When you switch from a rate plan, it will tell you want you are losing, but because you are switching to a rate plan that has unlimited minutes, you aren't really losing anything.
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The $50 plan has Unlimited Anytime Minutes which already includes Unlimited Incoming. Having unlimited incoming calls would be redundant if you have unlimited anytime minutes. The unlimited incoming option is necessary for plans with a fixed number of minutes per month. So don't worry about not seeing the Unlimited Incoming in your plan summary because it is already included with the Unlimited Anytime Minutes. You can take the $50 with no worries.
Thank you all for making this clear. Cheers!!