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Need Data Add On!

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There should be a data add on like Virgin Mobile, i remember Koodo Had it long ago when I first became a customer few years back, why did they take it away? Virgin still has it.

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yes, would like to add on data without changing my plan
It says in my koodo plan of $40/mo that I can add $5 and add more data, I think 100mb. Yet no matter what I do, there is no button to press that allows me to add data. I wish I had kept my prepaid plan and just bought this new Samsung S4. At least on prepaid I can add more data. Koodo? I don't want to change my plan. I just want a chunk of data now. Please fix this.
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Well technically, in prepaid services, you can add data boosters. In the monthly cycle, you can add data by calling koodo customer service. Just like sunshine said above. Although there might be no button, I think you can give it a shot and call Koodo and ask. They probs will add it for you. 🙂 Hope this helps:)